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Next Performance: CAC Málaga. Wednesday, April 25th. 19:00 h.

CAC MALAGA purchases Tony Samelian’s work Money

Malaga Contemporary Art Centre has purchased Tony Samelian’s work entitled Dinero (Money) (to see the work click here) as part of its permanent collection. The work was on show at the Centre as part of the Young Malaga Creators Exhibit in March 2009, which has awarded it a Special Mention.


MALAGA._ To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Malaga’s Provincial Public Housing Company (EMPROVIMA), dependant upon the Provincial Government, suggested to a well-established group of artists that they speak of habitable space and sustainable urban alternatives. This challenge gave way to very disparate ideas, but which had one thing in common, which was to always present a critical angle. […]
All these works are part of an exhibition called El arte de Habitar (The art of inhabiting) which is open to the public until November 28 at the Provincial Government headquarters, and which exhibits selected works from two competitions organised by Emprovima, with juries which included big noises from the art world such as Fernando Frances, the director of Cac Malaga; Tony Samelian, plastic artist; Carmen Osuna, the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Malaga; and Alfredo Viñas, art gallery director. […]
To complete the proposal, Emprovima invited four artists who have expressed their own views on this topical subject. Tony Samelian, for example, set himself the objective of reflecting upon how “luck can determine many elements in life”, even fundamental rights such as living in a decent home. To do so, and to delve deeper into his idea of speculation and the corruption of money, he exhibits 432 State Lottery tickets.
Other invited artists were Santiago Cirugeda, Carmen Osuna and the ‘Todo por la Praxis’ Collective.
Inma Mejias. EL MUNDO. Monday, November 10, 2008

2006 Muestra de Jóvenes Creadores (2006 Young Creators Exhibit)

CACmalaga, Malaga Town Council’s Youth Department, throws the doors of CAC (Malaga Contemporary Art Centre) wide open to youth with ample, avant-garde concerns, who are to be admired, or at least paid attention to. We were there, and observed, in general, a high new artistic level.
Painting, corporeal elements, videos, photography… The youth, eternally generous, have put there all into this exhibition. From the set of 50 colour photos crammed together, where one can see extremely original approaches and which are full of art, to Tony Samelian’s “Se alquila” (For Rent) (plastic canvas with acrylic paint, 300 x 3000 x 250). The whole exhibition will make sure that the spectator can not remain indifferent.
The first prize is a photographic composition by Lucia Gomez Fernandez. Elena Arana is the author of a work dating from 2005, entitled “Conexiones” (Connections), made with wood, string, bamboo and fabric, which received a Special Mention from the Jury. The work entitled “Anfibio Daltonico” (Colour-blind amphibian), created in 2006, will capture your attention, a contribution to “noise on noise”, in the magnificent photo, we can see a solitary violinist playing an inaudible score, in the centre of a huge avenue saturated by an infernal coming and going of vehicles.
To sum it up, “2006 Exhibit of Young Creators” is a shock to the system. A real wake-up call. A warning to tell us we have excellent, creative youths, capable of offering something new on the agitated artistic panorama. A simple catalogue, but very well created.

CAC Málaga on exhibit

CAC Málaga on exhibit was built on Málaga´s Contemporary art center in 2010.
It performs in the art center´s wall by removing several pieces of the wall and making a piece of art from them, that might be the exhibit object. 

WITHOUT TITLE. Oil on canvas. 250 x 180 cm.

Without title, painting/performance, from the current Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, has been created to be part from a group exhibition organized by the City hall. The exhibition was ran at the same time that Málaga´s 20011 municipal election campaign.


Money was exhibited during the month of May at Malaga Contemporary Art Centre, in the Young Creators MALAGACREA 2009 exhibit. It is an installation/performance in which, in one wall of the room, a 5cm-diameter hole situated at 80cm from the ground, ejects, at eight-minute intervals, a 20 cent piece each time, which end up scattered all over the room, invading the exhibition area of the collective exhibit. There are no notices or staff in the room to tell the spectator whether or not they are allowed to take the coins.
With money as the invader of the voluble will of each individual, I create new situations in which to put the system to the test. (Capitalist par excellence)  

Inside machine (hidden)  Money. 2009

For Rent

This work was conceived specifically for an exhibition at Malaga Contemporary Art Centre, for which I planned to use the prestige of this institution for profitable purposes.
An area (300 x 300 x 250 cm) is marked out on the wall and floor, and within it is a notice board (200 x 180 cm) on which we can read SE ALQUILA (FOR RENT) followed by a telephone number.
The project offers anyone who would like to make artistic use of the space, the chance to rent, after an agreement is reached between both parties (the lessee and I) the available area, after accepting the conditions of use which are stipulated in the contract and after both have signed. 
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National Lottery

This installation is composed of 432 National Lottery tickets for December 4, 2008, set on a passe-partout, and a monitor which shows the countdown (in days, minutes and seconds remaining until the date of the draw).
This work is carried out in a specific context: Emprovima (Malaga Provincial Government’s Public Housing Company) on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, invited 4 artists (Santiago Cirgugeda, Carmen Osuna, the ‘Todo por la praxis’ collective and me) to take part in an exhibition that was held from November 6 to 28, in the exhibition hall at the headquarters of Malaga Provincial Government, for which Emprovima was in charge of producing the works.
Taking advantage of these conditions, I proposed this work, in which I would be the sole beneficiary of the amount won in the draw, although Emprovima was in charge of buying the tickets. 
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In SHINE, LIGHT YOUR COUNTRY, there has been reproduced the neon sign that appears with the slogan of the advertising Spot of the brand Nike entitled:
those that they doubt: shine. Light your country. The room receives with this slogan the visitor who perceives the words without the advertising context.

Reduction of 15m2

Reduction of 15m2 consists, as the title implies, in the reduction of 15m2 of the area dedicated to a collective exhibition. The reduction is obtained by transforming the area by placing fake walls as if they were an extension of the existing walls, always in a way that the visitor can feel the readjustment through the room’s compositional incoherence, caused by the architectural intrusion. This allows the public, whether they know the exhibition site or not, to notice the alteration.

All this is done with the intention of manipulating the cultural setting so that, by reducing the room, we rob the spectator of part of their vital space, and part of the space dedicated to art. The artist shows himself as a speculator, in a way taking from the visitor (who has no way of complaining) a space destined for culture and spiritual development. This simulates in a way the oppression caused by architecture when it is seen as an instrument of the purist form of capitalism, and when the excessive building of walls, more to sell than to live in, begins to awaken the legitimate suspicion that one is being ripped off.


On the white wall of a collective exhibition, the first work the visitor sees is a sentence, 265 centimetres long, the letters of which are stand out in relief from the wall. The sentence reads: THE WOMEN’S WORK IN THIS EXHIBITION IS BETTER THAN THE MEN’S. The intention of this work is to influence, alter and question the judgements of value which the spectator may have on the other works in the exhibit, with the intention of invading and impregnating the works of others and modifying his or her perception.

Flat for sale in Estepona

This work, initially conceived to be located in a complex of 100 council houses in Estepona, is composed of eight megaphones situated perimetrally on the terrace roofs of the building, which at 10-minute intervals, amplified a message in which a virtual voice recites property advertisements for four minutes and twenty seconds. In the ads, passers-by and residents in the building can hear the description of the home, the phone number of the owners of each offer and the price.
The work was later taken to the hall of Malaga Provincial Government for a collective exhibition called “El arte de habitar” (The art of inhabiting).


Teherán, Irán. 1978.

  Graduated in Fine Arts. Alonso Cano, University of Granada.

Grants and Prizes
1999 Beca ARCO’99. Fundación ARCO y Universidad de Granada.

2000 Beca de Colaboración del Ministerio del Interior. Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada. 
2001 Beca ARCO’01. Fundación ARCO y Universidad de Granada.
Beca Fundación Talens España, S. A “Ayuda a la investigación”, Barcelona.
Beca Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta, Granada.
Beca Fundación Mondariz-Balneario, Pontevedra.
1er. Premio en el II Certamen Internacional de Pintura Costa del Sol El Corte Inglés.
1er. Premio en el Certamen Nacional de Pintura XXXI Salón de Otoño de San Fernando. Cádiz.
Beca Séneca. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.2002 2º Premio en el VI Concurso de Pintura Toresma 2, Madrid.
2003 Premio Adquisición en el II Certamen Provincial de Artes Plásticas de Málaga.
3er. Premio en el V Certamen de Pintura Joven de Granada. 
2004 1er. Premio en el VI Certamen Joven de Artes Plásticas de Granada 2004.
Premio Adquisición en el XI Premio Nacional de Pintura “Nicolás Megía”, Badajoz.
2005 1er. Premio en la Bienal Internacional de Pintura “Luis Aldehuela”, Andjar, Jaén.
Beca Fundación Valparaíso, Mojácar.
2006 Mención de Honor en el VII Certamen Andaluz de Pintura Contemporánea Ciudad de Torremolinos.
2º Premio en la VI Muestra de Arte Joven 2006 “FONT D´ART”, Onteniente. Valencia.
Accésit en el Certamen de Pintura “Arte Joven 2006” , Ámbito Cultural de El Corte Inglés, Huelva.
Mención Especial en la Muestra Jóvenes creadores MÁLAGACREA 2006.

2009 Mención Especial y adquisición de obra por el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga. Muestra Jóvenes creadores MÁLAGACREA.

Solo exhibitions
1997 Centro Cultural Universitario Casa de Porras, Universidad de Granada.

2001 Centro de Lenguas Modernas, Granada.
Fundación Caja de Granada. Granada.

2005 Galería RU-H. Fuengirola. 
2006 Galería García. Madrid.

1999 3D+ 3D, Centro Universitario Casa de Porras, Granada.

2000 Galería RPRSNTACIÓN, Granada.
Mercado del Arte, Galería Contemporánea, Granada.

2001 II Certamen Internacional de Pintura Costa del Sol El Corte Inglés, Málaga.
Fondo Talens de Arte Joven. Sala de Exposiciones ACEA’S, Barcelona.
Galería de Arte Victoria Hidalgo, Madrid.
Exposición Becarios de la Fundación Mondariz-Balneario , Pontevedra.
Exposición Becarios de la Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta , Granada.
XXXI Salón de Otoño de San Fernando. Museo Histórico Municipal de San Fernando, Cádiz.

2002 Concurso de Pintura Toresma 2. Sala Cultural de la Plaza de Las Ventas, Madrid.
III Certamen de Pintura Real Academia de BB.AA de San Carlos de Valencia.
I Certamen Ciudad de la Pintura Caja Vital Kutxa. Sala Fundación Caja Vital Kutxa, Álava.
XIV Concurso de Pintura Fundación Amigos de Madrid. Museo de la Ciudad , Madrid.
El Deporte en las Artes Plásticas. Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid.
Premio “Germán Calvo” de Pintura. Sala de Arte Palentina, Palencia.
Fondos Colección de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de Granada. Hospital Real de Granada.
VII Certamen de Pintura Fundación Gaceta Regional “Jóvenes Pintores”. Sala La Salina , Salamanca.

2003 II Certamen Provincial de Artes Plásticas de Málaga. Sala Alameda, Málaga.
Fondos Colección de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de Granada. Hospital Real de Granada.
Galería RPRSNTACIÓN, Granada.
V Certamen de Pintura Joven de Granada. Centro Cultural “Gran Capitán”. Granada.
Galería RPRSNTACIÓN, Granada.

2004 MÁLAGACREA. Muestra Jóvenes Creadores. CAC Málaga.
VI Certamen Joven de Artes Plásticas de Granada 2004. Cultural “Gran Capitán”. Granada.
III Edición del Premio Salou de Investigación Pictórica. Centro Cultural Torre Vella. Salou.

2005 Galería RPRSNTACIÓN, Granada.
MÁLAGACREA. Muestra Jóvenes Creadores. CAC Málaga.
Sala Carmen de Burgos, Almería.
Galería RU-H, Fuengirola.

2006 Galería Nova, Málaga.
MALAGACREA . Muestra Jóvenes Creadores. CAC Málaga.

2007 Galería Ru-H. Arte Sevilla.
Contemporany Expressions from Granada, Parlamento Europeo. Bruselas.

2008 MÁLAGACREA. Muestra Jóvenes Creadores. CAC Málaga.
El Arte de Habitar. Diputación de Málaga.

2009 MÁLAGACREA. Muestra Jóvenes Creadores. CAC Málaga. 
2010 MÁLAGACREA. Muestra Jóvenes Creadores. CAC Málaga.
2012 Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga. "Trilogía del Poder"

Work in collections

- Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga.
- Fundación Caja de Ahorros de Granada.
- Fundación Talens S.A., Barcelona.
- Fundación Municipal del Excmo. Ayto. de San Fernando, Cádiz.
- Fondos de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de Granada.
- Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Jaén.
- Fundación Municipal de Cultura “Luis Ortega Bru”, Cádiz.
- Fundación Rafael Botí de la Diputación Provincial de Córdoba.
- Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Almería.
- Diputación Provincial de Málaga.
- Diputación Provincial de Huelva.
- Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Badajoz.
- Colección Caja Rural de Granada.
- Caja Castilla La Mancha. Toledo.

Creative Commons 2012 - Tony Samelian